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  • BUILTECH 1.0

    BUILTECH 1.0, commonly referred to as BUILTECH 2016, is the inaugural Builtech Fest organized by the Department of BECM at KUET. This festival emerged as a pioneering initiative, aiming to create a vibrant platform for the convergence of ideas, knowledge, and innovations in the field of building technology and construction management.

  • BUILTECH 2.0

    BUILTECH 2.0, also known as BUILTECH 2017, marked the second edition of KUET's Building Technology Festival. Held under the auspices of the Department of BECM, this event brought together students, academics, and professionals with a shared interest in the dynamic field of building technology and construction management.

  • BUILTECH 3.0

    BUILTECH 3.0 stands as the triumphant third installment of KUET's prestigious Building Technology Festival, meticulously curated by the visionary minds of the Department of Building Engineering and Construction Management. This event, a testament to its enduring success, serves as a beacon for the convergence of innovation, expertise, and academic prowess in the dynamic realm of building engineering and construction management.

  • BUILTECH 4.0

    Department of Building Engineering and Construction Management of KUET organized this program for the fourth time in a row on Feb 27, 2020. This program had created an exultant environment where engineering students discovered the potential hiding inside them. The event included civil engineering faculty students as well as students from others disciplines across the globe and it will create a platform to share ideas among students of different universities and institutions.

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